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SEO Services are NOT for everyone!

There are lots of requests for help with SEO services, and while we at Dr SEO Malaysia would love to help every business we must establish criteria that will help companies get the maximum return on their investment. The last thing that our company wants is to have the business that tangentially to benefit from our services to invest in our SEO expertise.

DON’T contact us if:

  • Your website is a get-rich-quick endeavor
  • Adult Content-Oriented
  • Your site is a Start-Up

Unfortunately, we can’t help you get where you need to be in the world of SEO.


Give us 10 minutes, and we’ll give you Google’s Page 1!DrSEOMalaysia
However, PLENTY of websites greatly benefit from SEO. These websites are:

  1. Established, healthy businesses that have sales and content. These companies simply need new revenue streams.
  2. A steady flow of customers. Because your site will have consistent activity, this will help it rank higher in Google searches with the goal of ending up on Google’s Page 1.
  3. Good product with a good reputation. Simply put – we’re putting our business’s reputation on the line. You’re doing the same. Our goal is working with companies that are established and credible.

If you meet the criteria above, fill out the form below. Our consultants are excited to help you get your business to the next level of revenue and exposure.

The form is simple, and our experts will use it to get a good read on your company and what your needs are. It takes less than 10 minutes to fill out.

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