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Our skills are making sure potential customers see your services at the very top of all search engines which results in increased revenue.

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Partnering with us results in keywords putting your website on the front page of all available search engines.


With a couple extra sales per month, your business easily pays off the investment in our services. These sales are EXACTLY why you’ve invested with us.

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When you partner with us, we handle everything in-house. This keeps costs low for you and results in only the highest quality of work.

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Know how your website performs each month with detailed search ranking reports.

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Our work is based on results – therefore we strive to keep your business through our quality NOT because of a contracted term.

Search Domination

We can get you multiple first page rankings, not just one, two, or three but up to five listing on page one.


First Page. Every time.

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    Optimized Ranking Systems

    Our technological systems ensure that your site is always ranked at the top of every search engine.

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    Faster than Industry Standard

    Our goal is providing you the results you need right away. We don’t want you to wait for the increased business.

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    Long Term Presence

    We keep your website continually high ranking. We don’t jump on fads, rather our services make your site dominate for the long haul.

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Here are the benefits to getting started with the right Malaysia SEO company:

Increased visibility for your website from customer searches on Google. Ranking #1 means you ranked for the most profitable keywords in your industry.

Enhanced business presence to existing and new clients.

Actively engage customer and dominate social media.

Consistent results with having search engines funnel new customers to your business.



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    Google’s Page 1 Domination

    Our work is not complete unless your dominate entire Page 1 of a Google search. We won’t stop until you own the entire search listing!

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    Website Design

    Our Web Design Malaysia services make sure your website is optimized as that will help increase your Google ranking. Our experts make sure your site works across all platforms (Desktop, Mobile & Tablet).

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    We Do It Ourself

    There are no automation or cookie-cutter tactics. We keep everything in-house, and our SEO Malaysia expert are constantly searching to provide you the advantage.

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    Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Marketing is vital for your website’s success and our advice is based upon years of successful results.

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    ROI Focus

    You’re investing in our services so we will stop at nothing to make sure that your results exceed your wildest expectations.

Service Overview

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is getting your website the right keyword to position it at the top of every search – especially Google.

Our services find all the important keywords that customers use when searching for businesses similar to yours. The goal is simply to have your website reach the top of Google’s searches.

While Google’s algorithms are proprietary, our success is finding the right keywords and using that data to create content for your website that vaults it to the top of Google’s Page 1.

Why SEO?

SEO is easily the best way to get a return on investment for your industry. Think about if you spend $100 on each of the following services. For television and radio ads, you’ll see less than $25 in increased business from the initial investment. Through sponsorships, print displays and online ads work better, they still don’t match the dollar-for-dollar ROI that SEO provides. Simply put, SEO gets you more new business than any other platform.

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Online Ads
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Radio Ads
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What Can The Best SEO Company in Malaysia Help You Get More Exposure

More About Us

DrSEOMalaysia101Here’s the best way to explain what you get for SEO.

Imagine that you are searching for a Yoga studio in Kuala Lumpur. There are so many different types of yoga, so you’ll probably search for a specific type of studio. If your yoga website just keeps hammering the term “yoga” then your site will NOT stand out. In fact, it’ll get lost in the shuffle.

The problem here is your business hasn’t done anything to separate itself from the other Google searches.

Dr SEO Malaysia steps in and looks at what your business does. Let’s say that you specialize in Bikram Yoga. Our job is to find out all the different keywords and phrases people use to search for Bikram Yoga. By doing that, we then optimize the content of your website to reflect these searches. This is SEO in a nutshell – littering your website with the most common words and phrases used to search for a specific item.

The best part – you’ll get customers you never knew existed, your business’s profile will increase and additional revenue streams will unlock.


When We Talk About SEO – We Mean RANKING on PAGE 1!

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